Politics & Terror Never Take A Holiday

I've been watching the CNN and BBC coverage of the deadly Mumbai terrorist attacks for the last two hours. No Judge Judy or Oprah for me. There's never been a modern terrorist attack quite like this, with at least nine simultaneous attacks on hotels, hospitals and police stations. Gunmen hijacked police vans and were spraying crowds with bullets, American and British hostages have been taken and the historic Taj Hotel is in flames (pictured above). Earlier today, there was a fresh report that New York's subways and trains are being targeted. I don't want to be a Debbie Downer, but I think Joe Biden was right when he said Obama would be tested in the first year. Bush and Co. have allowed Al Qaida to regroup while fighting a useless war in Iraq and we are going to eventually pay the price. With our economy in crisis, a terrorist attack on American soil would be debilitating blow. Below is the video from last night's Rachel Maddow Show about the economy, Paulsen and just how much the bailout is really costing us. It's humorous, but also very sobering. 


DeadMule said…
These are times that will try us all.
Tara said…
"I swear I'm on the way!" lol too funny. Informative too--thanks for posting this.
Brrrooom! said…
I've stayed at the Oberoi a couple of times when I've been in Mumbai, so it's an odd sensation seeing it as an attack target... I just hope my favorite waiter (Sumet) is okay.

I actually can't complain about the economy - I'm up 45% in the past 6 weeks from shorting the market with bear ETFs like SDS! Down is just as good as up if you know what you're doing ;)
Lisa Allender said…
I could not continue watching the attacks being streamed out.I have several friends from India, and it is so upsetting!
Thanks for the post of Rachel, Coll. She's so refreshing!
Maggie May said…
The human loss and the meaning behind the attacks are sobering. Seeing the Taj in flames is very sad.

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