Proposition 8 Protest In Atlanta Tomorrow

I'm headed down to the Georgia State Capitol grounds tomorrow with fellow poets and bloggers Cleo Creech, Lisa Allender, Jessica Hand and Dustin Brookshire for the protest against Proposition 8. This is part of a national day of protest, so find out what your city is doing and join in. Find out more about Saturday's event at the Join The Impact ATL blog and at Photos and details later in the weekend...if I don't get arrested. 


Lisa Allender said…
Hi Coll, yes, I'm gearing up for this. I'm certain at some point, we'll all have to be willing to commit to acts of "civil disobedience", and allow ourselves to be arrested. I've protested at Ft. Benning's infamous SOA(School of the Americas) for several years now, and this "feels" like it will be a similar experience. For tomorrow, I'm hoping to march and protest, and maybe we can change some hearts.
Dustin said…
I'm ready to get my protest on!
nolapoet said…
I can't get La R. out of the house in time for the demo...we'll be at the candlelight vigil, so look for us. She's obsessed with prepping the bedroom so that we can (finally) move our bed. And if you've ever tried to convince La R. of anything once she's made up her mind, well...good luck with that! :D

We ARE one of two (that I've seen) houses in FP actually flying rainbow flags. I'm gonna go see who the neighbors are. There are at least four other lesbians I know of living down here, and of course there are even more, but I really am hoping that this area will become the new family enclave.
Maggie May said…
i'm with ya in spirit!
jaxx said…
i am home sick with a cold while the rest of new york is downtown protesting!

thinking of you fighting the good fight in atlanta.

ROCK ON, collin.

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