Proposition 8 Protests

The video clip above is from one of the massive protests in San Francisco after the passage of Proposition 8, which seeks to write discrimination into the California state constitution, stripping people of their civil and human rights. The lawsuits are mounting, churches -- Mormon, Catholic and even Saddleback Church where the faith forum with McCain and Obama was held -- are being demonstrated against by protesters and the movement to strip religious organizations of their tax exempt status continues to gain momentum. Marches and demonstrations are being planned and held in cities around the country. 

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said he believed the 18,000 couples already married would not have their nuptials annulled and that the California Supreme Court would overturn Prop 8. In a bizarre flip-flop, the governator, who has twice vetoed same-sex marriage bills in the state, offered supportive words in an interview with CNN: "I learned that you should never, ever give up. . . . They should never give up. They should be on it and on it until they get it done." Alrighty then! Maybe Maria's been holding out on the nookie.

The Los Angeles Times has a good round up of the protests at this link. Be sure to visit the website and sign up to show your support. A new permanent link is now in the sidebar at right. Thanks to the fabulous Jackie Sheeler and her Get Angry With Me blog for her assistance with the video and links. Jaxx pulls no punches and keeps 'em honest. 


C. Dale said…
The world just keeps getting weirder and weirder. This week Arnold called for more taxes and then does this. He is turning into a Democrat!
Anonymous said…
i'd like to think Auhnold is finally wising up but I think he realizes the Republicans are on the outs and he's sucking up to the Democrats.

jaxx said…
thanks as always for your great blog and for the generous shout-out to getangrywithme -- you rock, collin!
Lisa Allender said…
On Catholics--many of us who attend RC Church(okay, I only go to Mass now and then) have vocalized our disgust with the Church(read: Pope, bishops, priests) insinuating how we "should" vote. Many local folks said they believe the Church SHOULD lose tax-exempt status if it tries to influence bvoting. Pax Christi(the iberal/progressive peace & Social Justice group begun by Catholic nuns) has even come up with a "Life Does Not End At Birth" campaign to (correctly!) emphasize there are Peace & Social Justice concerns besides what's in someone's womb!
I am not counting on the RC Church to come out & publicly support us, but I can promise you many Roman Catholics find it ridiculous that LGBT people are being told they cannot have the same Civil Rights everyone else has.And many are donating money to this cause, and protesting, too!

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