Vote, Baby, Vote

I'm off to the polls. More updates and photos coming soon. If you're voting today, expect long lines. Get in the line. Stay in the line. I don't care if you're there for eight hours. This is crucial, folks. 


Rachel Mallino said…
I just got back from voting in Charlotte - it was only an hour wait and was extremely organized. Go Obama, go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rupert said…
Yay, Collin - thanks for all your work - may all our work be rewarded!
Anonymous said…
Collin - your blogs on the campaign and election have been wonderful. I voted this morning at my small precinct [took half a day off work] and it only took 30 mins. It took over 3 hrs for the primaries.

But I am glad you are out keeping an eye on the sites. At my precinct, they had a sign up that said a TX DL or ID was required. Not so by state law. After voting, I called them on it, and they removed the sign - a hand-lettered piece of posterboard posted on the door before you entered the polling site. I still called and lodged a complaint, and since I have a little bit of time before going into the office, I'm going to stop by again and see if the signs back, and have my camera ready.

I'm sure it was just an honest mistake, and they were trying to help speed things along as the lines get longer throughout the day. I've voted at that precinct for 8+ years, and I've never come across that.

But you never know... It pays to know your rights, and to be vigilant. And to speak up!

-tanya keyser
Brrrooom! said…
So, I loaded up my "waiting in line" reading materials, and set off to vote.

Total time to vote, including drive time to-and-from (I'm 1.3 miles from my polling location) was... 10 minutes.

There was NO ONE there, except staff, who were sitting around chatting.

Now, I live in south Dekalb in a neighborhood that's 86% African-American, and mostly lower income, and basically 100% pro-Obama - so either ALL these people voted early, or my whole prediction of the election results (based, admittedly, on a kluge of polls over the past few weeks) are suddenly suspect.

While I'm quite ready for this election to end, I'm thinking it's going to be an interesting evening.
ButtonHole said…
I got to the polls at 630 and there was already a line out there door! I took papers to grade, though, so I was busy! Was out and on my way to class at 7:40....
ButtonHole said…
Out THERE door. Good GOD. THE door, maybe, or THEIR door, but no. Never THERE door. Or THEY'RE door. Grievous error, mine.
Emily A. Benton said…
so crucial. thanks for keeping the momentum going throughout the election season!
Lisa Allender said…
Took me about 15 minutes to vote--I was actually disappointed there weren't more people there, but a poll worker said the "early voting days" had been very busy(!)
I can walk to our polling place(and I did--I strolled through the Greenway to reach it--lovely!),a nearby elementary school. It looked like mostly McCain/Palin folks(older white guys dressed very conservatively, older women with big hair and even bigger crosses around their necks), but as I was leaving, I noticed a slew of cars, with lots of younger people, African-American, Latino/Hispanic, and white, all with Obama/Biden bumper-stickers. I'm in North Fulton County, and I don't know our demographics, but I'm thinking in our neighborhood, it's predominantly white, South Asian(Indian, Pakistani), and Asian (Chinese, Korean).
I agree, Brrrooom, this will be interesting, indeed.
Thank you, Coll, for keeping us up-to-date, and giving us such a great forum over here at "Modern Confessional"!

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