American Idol 8 - Motown Results

I've seen some really bad lip-synching in my time -- American Bandstand, Top of the Pops, Britney Spears anywhere -- but the group medley of Motown hits on American Idol tonight was the worst ever. The music was taped and it looked like the contestants rolled out of bed and ran down to the studio to film the "performance" bits. Lil Rounds should be ashamed for allowing Adam Lambert to out-sing her on the Diana Ross parts. 

The stage crew had to mop up the puddle of sweat that poured off Reuben Studdard during his performance, and Joss Stone dueted with Smokey Robinson. Joss Stone? She's still relevant? Stevie Wonder did some hits, and the contestants, Paula and Kara (nearly orgasmic) were over-emoting. Stevie's voice wasn't great, but "Superstition" is still one of the best songs ever. And Miss Paula Pills will dance to anything, so never invite her to a funeral. She'd be shimmying on the casket with her Sharpie mustache (pictured).

Thirty-six million people voted last night. The shocker was that Matt Giraud and Scott MacIntyre were in the bottom three with Michael Sarver. Another victory for Vote for the Worst, which mobilized its readers to keep the wretched Megan Joy around for another week. In the end, Sarver went home. He should have never been there in the first place.


Maggie May said…
We were cracking up at how Simon looks at Paula all the time, like he is being so amused out of his mind it never gets old
Anonymous said…
Megan Cockring staying in is a definite Vote for the Worst victory. She was fucking awful last night but so was Sarver.

christine said…
I was embarrassed for Paula and the other female judge when they were lip sinking to Stevie Wonder while he sang his song. They looked so cheesy.
I'm glad Megan stayed...she's much more interesting than some of the boring contestants who are still there.

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