American Idol 8 - Top 9 Perform

The top nine performed tonight and had a big songbook to choose from -- popular downloads from iTunes. The opportunity to sing more contemporary, hit songs was a revelation for some and a nightmare for others. Starting with AnoopDawg. 

Anoop Desai:
He bought a ticket to the bottom three this week with a messy cover of "Caught Up" by Usher. The arrangement was a nightmare and since the song really has no melody, it was Anoop stalking around the stage, sneering at the camera and trying to be a pimp. I couldn't stop laughing. 

Megan Joy: Bob Marley's surely turning his grave and rolling a big fatty after MJ's boring, tuneless cover of "Turn Your Lights Down Low." She tried to keep the crack shimmy under control, but she look like she'd been run over by a Mardi Gras float. The judges ripped her to shreds. Vote for the Worst fans start dialing, because your girl is in the bottom three for sure.

Danny Gokey: It's been all over the blogs that Danny's grandfather died over the weekend, so I was fully expecting hardcore pimping for votes, but there was nary a mention. He sang "What Hurts the Most" by Rascal Flatts and it was fine. He oversings everything and his voice is so Michael Bolton-ish, middle of the road blah, that I just don't give a damn. Plus he's creepy Christian crazy.

  Allison Iraheta: I was going to praise the stylists for finally getting Allison of the day-shift hooker clothes, but then they stuck in an outfit that Cyndi Lauper would have rejected in 1983. Don't even get me started on that hair. She did a copycat version of "Don’t Speak" by No Doubt, strummed the guitar, but the judges were so fixated on what she was wearing, that their critique fell by the wayside.

  Scott MacIntyre: Umm...I know he's blind, but the judges must be going deaf, because his cover of Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are" was a wobbly, karaoke shout-fest. Simon called it his best performance ever. Wha-wha-what? Chances are he won't be in the bottom three, but he should be. 

Matt Giraud: Oh, dear. What was he thinking picking The Fray's "You Found Me?" And what the hell was he doing on a riser out in the middle of the audience playing keyboard? Possibly his worst performance of the entire season, even worse than when he tried to do Coldplay. He sounded like he was straining for a bowel movement, and nobody wants to hear that. Bottom three.

  Lil Rounds: Why does Lil continue to fight the comparison to Mary J. and Keyshia Cole? She needs to embrace it and cut out songs like the schmaltzy Celine Dion "I Surrender" she did tonight. It was pageant-worthy and shouty in the wrong places. This shit is no longer cute.

Adam Lambert: I cringed when I heard he was doing"Play that Funky Music," but there was no need to worry. It was simply amazing. He is so much better than everyone else on the show it's almost not fair. The Eddie Munster hair needs to go, though, future husband because that shit ain't cute either. Still, he's sexy as all get out. Dayum! 

  Kris Allen: Cute, sadly straight Kris had his "Adam Lambert Moment" this week with a shockingly good version of  "Ain't No Sunshine." He was at the keyboard surrounded by a string section and it sounded contemporary and fresh. Another song I might actually download from iTunes. 

Who's in the bottom three? Anoop, Megan Joy, Matt Giraud. Who's going home? Anoop.


Blondie and Blindy need to go.

And it's no big whoop if it's Anoop.
Anonymous said…
I dont know if even VFTW can save Megan tonight. I'd rather see Anoop's dirty diaper sneers than hear another second of Megan.

Happyflower said…
I must say I look very forward to reading what you say after the Idol performances. You are so hilarious, but so right on!

And the Cyndi Lauper look was exactly what I was thinking (this shows my age) haha! I do like what the judges said to her about she doesn't need to show who she is, we already know, and it can be very good.

Kris and Adam was my favorites of the night. (why are the best performances at the end of the show, is that planned?)
Christine said…
You have the best descriptions - crack shimmy,day-shift hooker clothes..., so sad, but true.

Adam Lambert was incredible, and he has an Adonis face. I didn't like his hair combed back in a pompadour too much, but it did show how his strong face. Boy, can he sing and work that stage.

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