Poets On Twitter

Last week, Mashable.com listed 100 writers who are active on Twitter. Guess who they totally left out? Yep, poets. Laurel Snyder, a fantastic poet, got a mention, but because of her writing for young adults and children. I know many of you aren't on Twitter, don't want to be on Twitter, don't understand the purpose of Twitter, etc. Basically, Twitter is micro-blogging 140 characters at a time. It works on the same basis as Facebook updates, but is faster and more convenient. You can post "tweets" from your computer, your mobile phone, etc.

I've got more than 600 folks following my stream and more join every day. I didn't get it either when I joined last summer, but I do now. Twitter's strength, for me, is supplying quick and useful links and news I can use. If you'll remember, it was Twitter that broke the news that Amazon had de-ranked GLBT books and made it a hot news item.

As a poet and soon-to-be-novelist, I've found Twitter to be helpful. So, because Mashable couldn't or wouldn't, here's a list of 40 poets who are active on Twitter. A few caveats for this list: I only included the poet if they've updated in the last couple of months. Use it or delete it is my motto. I'm sure I've missed some folks. Please note them in the comments and I will update the list.

Karen Head: @poetphd
Jackie Sheeler: @jsheeler
Laurel Snyder: @laurelsnyder
Didi Menendez: @mipoesias
Charles Jensen: @chasjens
Amena Brown: @amenabee
Montgomery Maxton: @montmaxton
Kate Evans: @kateevanswriter
Karen Wurl: @kittenofpower
Dustin Brookshire: @dbrookshire
Andrew Demcak: @andrewdemcak
Ron Silliman: @ronsilliman
Christopher Hennessy: @outsider_lines
Nancy Devine: @nancydevine
Robert Lee Brewer: @robertleebrewer
Matthew Hittinger: @mhittinger
Christine Swint: @yoginipoet
Oliver de la Paz: @Oliver_delaPaz
Zinta Aistars: @zintaaistars
Tara Betts: @tarabetts
Pris Campbell: @pris2000
Nic Sebastian: @verylikeawhale
Mary Biddinger: @marybid
Deborah Ager: @clickwisdom
Rosemary Nissen-Wade: @snakypoet
Emily Lloyd: @elloyd74
Jon Goode: @jongoode
Emily Benton: @emilyabenton
Cheryl Snell: @cherylsnell
Shann Palmer: @shannpalmer
Daniel Nester: @danielnester
JS van Buskirk: @JSvanBuskirk
Jilly Dybka: @jilly
Vanessa Daou: @vanessadaou
Anne Haines: @annehaines
Amy King: @amyhappens
Stacie Boschma: @stacieboschma
Christian Bok: @christianbok
Ivy Alvarez: @ivyalvarez
Collin Kelley: @collinkelley

Poets On Twitter Update!

Wow, thanks to everyone who has found their way to the blog and to my Twitter stream (@collinkelley) because of the list. I asked for more poets on Twitter and I got 'em! Once again, a caveat: If I couldn't find a real name attached to some of the Twitter accounts, I didn't list them. I don't do anonymity. And if there were no tweets over the last couple of months, they didn't get listed either. Watch my Twitter stream and the blog tomorrow (Wednesday) for an announcement about a special edition of OCHO featuring Poets on Twitter.

Gregory Pincus:
Sherry Chandler:
Samuel Peralta: @semaphore1
Patty Paine: @expatty
Luisa Igloria: @ThePoetsLizard
Maureen Evans: @Maureen
Zach Buscher: @PoetryTwit
Christine Miller: @ChristineMiller
Zoe Nishimuta: @zoenishimuta
John Hudak: @iamcynical
T.R. "Terry" Hummer: @trhummer
K. Silem Mohammad: @ksilem
Mathias Svalina: @msvalina
Tao Lin: @tao_lin
Dave Bonta: @Morning_Porch
C. Cleo Creech: @cleocreech
Michele Brenton: @banana_the_poet
Ray Succre: @raysuccre
32 Poems Magazine/Deborah Ager: @32poems
Marie-Elizabeth Mali: @memali
Joel Fried: @joeltalks
Will Kenyon: @williamkenyon
Tammy Knott: @lileagle
Cole Krawitz:
Christine Klocek-Lim:
Sharon Brogan:
Saeed Jones: @saeedjones
Samiya Bashir:
Rachel Barenblat: @velveteenrabi
Lisa Marie: @thirdrootprod
AnnMarie Eldon: @AnnMarieEldon
Scott Edward Anderson:
Susan Taylor Brown:
Deb Scott:
Pamela Johnson Parker:
Jeffrey Thomson:
Peggy Eldridge-Love: @Plove413
James Valvis: @jamesvalvis
Alex Dimitrov:
Reb Livingston/No Tell Books:
Sally Evans:

Poets on Twitter Update 2!

Didi Menendez and I will co-edit a special edition of the literary magazine OCHO featuring poets from both of these lists. For details on how to submit click here.


Unknown said…
Great list, thanks!

32poems.com said…
I'd love it if you could include @32poems in addition to the @clickwisdom you have for me.

And thanks for making this list!
Charles said…
Thanks for the mention, Collin, and for the great list--I found a couple of people I hadn't connected with yet.
Collin Kelley said…
I'll be updating the list tomorrow. I've already had a number of contacts from folks. :)
marybid said…
I feel, like, so not alone out there now! Thank you, Collin!
christine said…
Thanks for making this list Collin. I haven't been as active as I should be on Twitter. It's easy and fun, so why not, right?
Joy Leftow said…
hey how are you?
I'd love to review your upcoming book if you send it to me plus I'd appreciate being added to your poet's list.
Andrew Demcak said…
Thanks! Poet Twitter Visibility Now! Yay!
Kate Evans said…
Thanks, Collin. I'm on Twitter, but I honestly don't really get how to use it or the purpose of it. It seems so linear. I think I'm missing something.
Matthew said…
Thanks for the nod!
As usual, you've done a great job of bringing poets together, Collin!
Marie-Elizabeth said…
Thanks for this list! I, too, found some poets I hadn't yet seen on Twitter here. (I'm also a poet)

Marie-Elizabeth Mali
Anonymous said…
You might consider @joeltalks, poet,self "Bursts" on amazon
Anonymous said…
Well, not to toot my own horn, but I am a published poet. I have two books out and am very active on Twitter.

Thanks for the list though. :D

Tammy Knott @lileagle
Greg Pincus said…
Great list! Besides adding myself (Gregory K. (or Greg Pincus if you prefer) - @GottaBook), I wanted to mention that every Thursday night at 9 PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific, we've been having a #poetry chat on Twitter. I believe we're in week five now, and it's been a blast every time talking poetry with others who love it.

You can find the details here: http://is.gd/rgZG

I hope some of you will join us... and I'll pass word of this list on to the current chatters, too.

Thanks again for compiling this!
DeadMule said…
Maybe Sherry Chandler @BlueGrass Poet
Thanks for listing me.
venkat said…
great list thanks for sharing
Samuel Peralta said…
You missed me :)

How tweet of you to post me :)
Great of you to share!
Pascale Petit said…
And I joined recently too, there are others, Alison Brackenbury, Kathryn Gray, UK poets...
ana ayala said…
Excellent! There twitter of spanish - speaking poets. Thanks for the article.
Patty said…
Maybe me too? @expatty Patty Paine

Thank you.
Megatonlove said…
Great list. I'd like to add
Luisa Igloria: @ThePoetsLizard

Maureen Evans: @Maureen

and someone called @Daily Couplets
Zach Buscher said…
Might I also suggest @PoetryTwit. Po-tweeting little ditties within the 140 character limit. Also, thanks for the list!
Ivy said…
Hi Collin, thanks for including me. :-)
jaxx said…
thank you, collin! you have just ensured that i -- and apparently quite a few other tweeting poets -- are going to take their tweeting a bit more seriously starting today!

you are such a generous and thoughtful person. i wanna be just like you, if i ever grow up...
Anonymous said…
Hi Colin, it's a treat to find your website, and thank you for the list.
I'd like to be considered for inclusion as well, please.

bryan plymale said…
poetry... one of the better uses of twitter. thanks for this list. please consider including http://twitter.com/zoenishimuta
john said…
Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas
lily said…
Awesome to find this list, and more poets in the comments, thanks Collin. I recognise a few names, but will check out some more (yay).

twitter poet
lily said…
More poets here too (small groups so far, but growing) Feel free to join, would love to see more poets in the one circle.


Nic Sebastian said…
Great idea, Collin!!
Maureen said…
@Maureen here -- this is fantasic! Thank you for compiling this; I have been hoping someone would be so inclined.

Isn't twitter an interesting half-conscious poetic long-form, as a record of one's life as one chooses to inscribe it? (I hope this is useful for you, Kate).

Also, @iamcynical and @quietone317 are two other poetic tweeters I can think of off the top of my head.
Collin Kelley said…
Woah! Hello everyone. Thanks for all the comments, Twitter links and follows on Twitter itself. I'll be updating the post later today with all the poets who have listed in the comments. Keep passing the link to this post along and retweeting on Twitter.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the list! Please add me -- Luisa A. Igloria @ThePoetsLizard

Patty said…
Here are a few more poetweeters:






Matthew said…
You've gotta add @Morning_Porch. To quote the Bio: "Daily updates on the view and soundscape from my front porch, first thing in the morning."

It's great stuff & not mine, so you know I'm not being shameless!
January said…
Good list.

So a question for you and other Twitterers (forgive me if I'm not using the terminology correctly). What is the value of Tweeting over blogging or FB? I give updates in both spots. Yet I'm on the fence about adding one more piece of technology to my repertoire.
Nancy Devine said…
YOU ROCK!! thanks for publishing the list of poets on twitter; thanks for including me.
Radish King said…
I know many of you ... don't understand the purpose of Twitter, etc. Really? Oh please.

Untwittered, unfettered.

Cleo said…
Hey Collin, I have mine set up as "cleocreech", I'm not constantly twitterin away, but my blog is set up to automatically procast on new entrys, so good way for people to follow.
Anonymous said…
Amazing the number of folks on this list I *know*, read their blogs & books, friends on Facebook -- but haven't yet followed on Twitter.

Thanks for the list!
sbpoet said…
Amazing the number of folks on this list I *know*, read their blogs & books, friends on Facebook -- but haven't yet followed on Twitter.

Thanks for the list!
Karen Head said…
As always, you are amazing! Thanks for listing me.
banana_the_poet said…
You missed me out :(

banana_the_poet AKA Michele Brenton

My work can be found on http://poetry4fun.blog.co.uk (satire,humour and general funny poems)


Ray Succre said…
I'm always up for more poets.

Unknown said…
I joined twitter so that I can procrastinate more efficiently. Thanks for putting up a list!

Anonymous said…
I have taken the whole list from your article and posted them on twitter under this hash tag #poetstofollow

When you update the list with the names in the comments I will post them as well. Those who comment above and below me should do the same thing with their lists of poets to follow. :D
christine said…
I've worked my way through the top list, and now I'll dive into the second. Thanks for including me, Collin. Suddenly I'm so popular!

I'll tune into the OCHO updates. I need to learn more.
Anonymous said…
One more.


Susan Taylor Brown

Deb said…
Hi Colin,

At Twitter I am @stoneymoss while at Identi.ca I am @stoney : Deb Scott
greenskeptic said…
Missed me: @greenskeptic



Jeffrey Thomson said…
I'd love to be on the list


Peggy said…


mIEKAL aND said…
one gateway into
visual & concrete poetry, experimental & found texts, cutups & cutdowns, verse & antiverse

T. said…

I'm T.Clear --
Collin Kelley said…
Hey, T. Back channel email me with your full name. It's important. collinkelley@gmail.com
Anonymous said…
Hello Colin.

Congrats on the novel.

My goodness - now I've suddenly got all these new followers! Thank you - I think. How do you ever keep up with so many?
Wow. Awesome list! A whole bunch of cool people to follow!
Anonymous said…
sallyevanz sally evans http:www.desktopsallye.com
great list, please add me to next version thanks
January said…
Gosh, I feel like I'm missing out!
Spoken word poet from Victoria BC here. Just a few to add:

Matthew said…
Think you could add my humble Twitter stream?


Thanks again for this list, Collin; it is fan-freaking-tastic!
Brian Pike said…

Any chance you could add me?


(Brian Pike)

Kerry Slavens said…
Thank you for keeping poetry alive on the Internet. Please add me to your poet list @kerryslavens
c said…
hi! what a fantastic idea to list the poets on twitter, i can' t wait to check them out....

there is a group of us who write haiku and also post on @twihaiku, we share haiku all day long....

i sip my coffee • sit before this screen as if • nothing had happened•

@inotherwords_c {moi} @alotus_poetry

other poetic twitterers: @michaelequigg

we also post short stories...

thanks again for doing this list and adding us if possible!!
Liz Harward said…
Great list! I am not a poet but I only use Twitter for Haiku. I love taking the time to practice this beautiful art.
On Twitter: Labgal
Alan said…
Alan King @aking020881
Thank you again. I now realise I was very limited in the way I was using Twitter. You've opened it up for me and made it a much richer experience.
Jacob said…
Jacob Sam-La Rose... - @jsamlarose
Allen Taylor said…
Thanks for helping me find new tweeps to follow

PhatGyrl said…
I'm so glad I found your blog, Please add @PhatGyrl to this beautifl list of Twitter Poets
Two more:

Jason Davis @JazzOne (aka Jazzie Wonder). Professional DJ and spoken word poet, wellknown around Austin Tx and elsewhere. It's a professional name, not an exercise in anonymity (far from it!).

Cara A Mulheron (aka unity infinity) @rainbowmagick
Anonymous said…
Just catching up here... great list!


Jim said…
Don't forget @robert_frost!
Anonymous said…
Is there room for one more?

Pamela Ross


Thanks, Collin. So nice to meet you here. Love that you have made this a gathering of voices. LOVE it.

-Pamela Ross
Anonymous said…
Collin, you convinced me to try Twitter again. Cheers!
Unknown said…
finally made it out of the hermitage
Anonymous said…
This is a fantastic list. Nice job. Everyone should appreciate when someone does the hard work so others don't have to. It takes a good person to do that.

Please take a look @AnselmThePoet and see what you think.

Thank you.

Martha Silano said…
@marthasilano, another poet who tweets.
Mil gracias for the list of poets. Here's one more,una poetisa peregrina.
Dazy said…
I think the major benefit is getting exposed to things you never would have known about otherwise.
Sujan Patricia said…
Thats a very unique list, I must say. Twitter appears to be winning the microblogging arms race. With the popularity to Twitter and other Microblogging tools, we should expect to see a flurry of simliar tools in near future.
Anonymous said…
Twitter poems constrained to precisely 140 characters:

Joseph Quintela
January said…
OK, I'm in.

Robert said…
Well done! Count me in.

Thanks for sharing this list! It's a great resource. Please add me, also.

Sarah Leigh Graham

Jen Campbell said…
Hi, great list - many thanks for compiling it :) Could you add me, too?

Jen Campbell: http://twitter.com/yellowstring
Ms Baroque said…
Hi, and me :)


Great idea doing this list. I use Facebook and Twitter for different things, and Facebook is really where the poets seem to shine.
Anonymous said…
Great list.
Please check out my own poetry
Gavin said…
That's a great miss, I must say. Though I don't read much poetry, but there are very few selective authors I like.
Nancy Harris said…
Collin, thanks for sharing this list! It's a great resource, just Digged for future use.
Rose said…
I'm not sure where my previous comment went or my link to todayswriting.com, but I'd like to be included @bloggertalk.
Alison said…
What a good list! Would be most grateful for a mention.


(Alison Brackenbury British poet; 7 collections, radio work etc. Many animals!)
I am a poet pretty new to twitter.

My first book was just released in November and I started a twitter around the time of release.


Mark Kolb said…
We've got a poetry quiz going at www.outwit.me and a bunch of people are stumped and can use your help!
Anonymous said…
Don't stop posting such themes. I like to read blogs like this. Just add some pics :)
NADA said…
I'm a poet on Twitter. It's difficult getting people to comment on stuff. I am always looking for feedback on my material. I update my website regularly and I have a book for sale. I am also publishing a new book this year. If your interested:


Chris Hosea said…
Hi Collin,
This is a great resource. I'd love to be on your lists!
I am Chris Hosea, hear me tweet


I also have a web site



drenkar said…
Wonderful list! Thanks for adding me!


Peace, songs, and poetry,
Jenny said…
I just found this page, I'm sure it's long over, but here it goes, please include


MichalClark said…
yeah really wonderful blog thanks for sharing


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Anonymous said…
Still taking names? There are a ton! On twitter @pfanderson poetry blog at http://rosefirerising.wordpress.com/
Anonymous said…
I am really enjoying reading your well written articles. It looks like you spend a lot of effort and time on your blog. I have bookmarked it and I am looking forward to reading new articles. Keep up the good work!

Cynthia Gray said…
Hi Colin. Thank you for your work. If you revisit, please consider 2 poems a day via Cynthia Gray. "Not Your Normal Message." @todaysmessage
Maureen said…
Our TweetSpeakPoetry.com group has been active on Twitter for a long time.
Transbliterator said…
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Claire said…
mark leidner!
MaaviPoet said…
Also a poet on twitter



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