HomeGround Anthology

The fantastic folks who have been putting together the Kate Bush fanzine, HomeGround, for the past 27 years began the daunting task last fall of putting together an anthology of photos, articles, poems, interviews and more. The hardcover book will be out for Christmas, and I am honored that a number of my poems and my interview with John Carder Bush will be included. Many thanks and much love to Peter, Krys and Dave who have kept this incredible, vital magazine alive for so many years. I'm happy to have played a tiny part.


Emily A. Benton said…
congrats! that sounds cool.
christine said…
Great, Collin!
Pamela said…
Congratulations, Collin!

Maybe I hallucinated this, but aren't you a Dusty Springfield fan? If so, you might be interested in this:


If not, feel free to ignore.
Lisa Allender said…
This collection looks so lovely. You turned me into a real Kate Bush fan, Collin.

Been outta the loop. I need to go scrollin' down, to catch up with your blog, Coll.
Have been reading(and re-reading) the excerpts of "Conquering Venus" you sent some of us lucky folks. I can't wait to get to read the whole novel--you have wrought a mysterious, elegant, ethereal story of love!
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