Carpal Tunnel, Poetry, Conquering Venus, etc.

About 10 years ago, I had carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand and wrist. It returned this week. I have numbness and tingling in some of my fingers and pain at the wrist. I've been doing an extraordinary amount of typing because of the day job and working on Conquering Venus and the sequel. So, I'm going off the grid this weekend -- no blogging, no Facebook, no Twitter, etc. I'll have an update on Monday evening.

I wanted to thank Will Kenyon for his thoughtful post about Conquering Venus at his blog, and his kind words about me. Check out Will's blog at and his thoughts on literature, publishing, fatherhood and more. 

I also wanted to thank the fantastic UK-based literary journal Tears in the Fence (and editor David Caddy) for publishing two of my poems. Issue 49 is out now. You can find out more about the journal at or if you're on Facebook visit its fan page. I'll post one of the poems next week on the blog.

Finally, I have not been participating in NaPoWriMo, mainly because I don't have time. My hand would probably have total paralysis if I was trying to bang out a poem each day. I've been trying to read some of my fellow bloggers' work and have been impressed. Don't forget the Poem-A-Day Challenge happening over at Robert Lee Brewer's excellent Poetic Asides blog. I'm one of the judges. 

We're having some particularly nasty weather in Georgia tonight with storms and tornadoes. I'm ready to jump in the bathtub.


Maggie May said…
Ah that sucks. I had that problem for a while and did acupuncture and massage with my neck and shoulder and it went away. Hope you feel better, and congrats.
greg rappleye said…

Take care, my friend.
brace it for the weekend.
jaxx said…
does the carpal kick up when you write longhand? maybe this is a chance to return to pen-and-ink, at least for drafts of poems. i always write my first few drafts on paper, and i think the texture of writing that you get differs from keyboard to notepad. maybe this is an opportunity to find a new kind of voice while you allow your wrist to heal. bravo on taking care of yourself and not ignoring the symptoms. have a lovely offline weekend!
Collin, I hope the condition clears up quickly for you. Delighted that you'll be in Tears in the Fence (it is well respected here, as is David Caddy).

I have a date with The Doctor tonight. I know you'll be with us in spirit.
Radish King said…
Rest, rest, rest. It's common among musicians and the surgery for it is shitty. Take care sweets. Happy giant chocolate Easter Bunny.
DeadMule said…
Wishing you well. Hope it clears up soon. Best, Helen
Emily A. Benton said…
computers can really mess your body up. I had to get a bunch of nervous system tests last year because all my office work and freelance work at home was throwing me for a loop. Now, I don't feel guilty at all for leaving the laptop charging at night. Everyone needs a break!

enjoy your Internet-free weekend, Collin! I'll have a shout-out for you soon, too.
christine said…
Ack! So sorry about the wrist tingling and annoying numbness. I'm glad you're going to take care of yourself.

Congrats on the poems. I'll be sure to read.
Anonymous said…
Hope your hand is better soon. That must be a bitch for other things besides typing. :)

amy said…
Feel better! And rest!
Pamela said…
I have a world of exercises for CTS relief Let me know if you want 'em. (I've been a transcriptionist for over 26 years, and I swear by these).
Anonymous said…
:( Don't let them cut you open for that.

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