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Before the show went live on the East Coast, there was an accident on the Idol stage. One of the towers collapsed, and apparently a stage manager was injured and sent to the hospital. Miss Seacrest acknowledged the tower incident, but not the stage manager. That came courtesy of folks in the auditorium -- which was evacuated -- who were on Twitter. The stage problems also meant the cancellation of the full dress rehearsal the contestants do before the live show. Slash from Guns 'n Roses was the mentor for "rock week," featuring a solo performance and duets from the Final Four. 

Adam Lambert: Kara, in near ogasmic frenzy, called Adam a "rock god" after his fantastic, hard-charging performance of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love." Adam was wearing more jewelry than Paula, lots of leather and a big rock sneer. As Simon said correctly, nobody will be able to top this. And he was right. 

Allison Iraheta: Looks like Allison got the short end of the stick on song choice this week and went with Janis Joplin's "Crybaby." Her voice was strong, but, sadly, after Adam it lacked energy and originality. Randy made one of his most coherent comments of the season when he told Allison that she was just powering through the top of her range with a very repetitive song. She got all mouthy at the end with Simon about song choice, which won't do her any favors. She really should have chosen Jefferson Airplane's "Somebody to Love" (which Simon confused with Queen's song of the same name). My guess is that Allison is going home.

Kris Allen & Danny Gokey Duet: The lack of rehearsal obviously took its toll on this performance of Styx's "Renegade." They sounded good in the harmonies, but solo they were both pitchy as hell. Obviously, they were having trouble hearing themselves sing and there were some awkward overlaps. Simon tossed Kris under the bus and said Danny sounded better, and the look on Kris' face was pure frustration. Not a big shock they put these two pieces of bland, white bread together for a duet. I'm just sayin'...

Kris Allen: He second-guessed his song choice and went with the Beatles' "Come Together." Oh, was not good. He is soooo not a rocker dude, and the arrangement was bombastic and lost the intricacy and funkiness of the original. Slash told him during his mentor session that Kris need to pick up the pace, which Kris obviously ignored. I noticed during the judge's critique that Kris looked totally exhausted. He's probably bottom two with Allison.

Danny Gokey: Slash said choosing Aerosmith's "Dream On" could go "either way" for Hokey Gokey, and the way it went was straight into the toilet. Gokey's attempt to copy Steven Tyler's vocal acrobatics backfired in a screeching, cat-strangling way on the final, trademark note of the song. Simon said it sounded like something from a horror film. Gokey has never been in the bottom, but he should be tomorrow to wipe that cocky ass look off his sweaty face.

Adam & Allison Duet: My dream final two got the pimp spot for their duet of Foghat's "Slow Ride." They were obviously having fun and they totally tore it up. Simon suggested that this performance might save Allison. I hope that's true. She was much better with this song. Adam's striped pants were so tight I could see his religion, which should make some of his crazy fans (and I do mean craaaaazy...just check the Idol blogs) dial a little harder and longer tonight. A & A clearly blew Hokey and Monkey Boy away in the duets. 


Happyflower said…
You always manage to make me laugh! I didn't notice Adam's pants, I wonder what that says about me... lol

A and A all the way! I don't know which was worse Kris or Danny, but I hope Allison makes it past them. She was okay, a bit of a disappointment because we know she can do better, but she wasn't awful like those other two.
Your distain for Gokey is clearly subversion of your true desires. Adam can be your best man in the wedding.

Happyflower: I DID notice Adam's pants. I wonder what that says about dyky me?!

I'm surprised you didn't comment on Paula's girls hanging out of her blouse and all over the table. We were glad to see the Botox saran wrap-look is in remission.

Idea: Get rid of Randy next season and keep Kari. She can be irritating, but at lease she's specific in her critiques.
Lisa Allender said…
I have the show on TiVo. Headed to watch it now. Thanks for creating some anticipation in me!
Happyflower said…
Okay I just about spewed coffee all over the coffee screen! What am I going to do after Idol? Collen, we need more funny commentaries on something, anything after Idol is over. Please....
Anonymous said…
Gokey should go home tonight. Besides Adam being bottom two last week there have been no shock eliminations and sending Gokey home would be SWEET! Adam is going to win.

Howard said…
Collin, I love reading your recaps of this show. They're hilarious. And yeah, that Adam is mopping the floor with those kids. Even when he goes first, you get the feeling the rest of them are just openers for the real show: him.
Anonymous said…
Oh man! I just watched Adam's performances and I have to say - he's AMAZINGLY talented, but he also has SUCH FUN out there, his charisma and pure joy are infectious! He makes me feel giddy, like a little girl!!!

And yes, the pants - yikes!
Lisa Allender said…
Collin: the pants. wow.

I agree with Happyflower--more snarky, hilarious comments on SOMEthing after AI is over. Pretty please.
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