New Orleans Report

The view St. Louis Cathedral from my room at the Bourbon Orleans

  I'm in New Orleans! A carload of us -- Cleo Creech, Theresa Davis, Megan Volpert and her lovely wife Mindy -- drove down yesterday for the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival, which officially kicks off today. The drive down was uneventful, but I twisted my ankle on Wednesday and it still hurts a bit. 

After dinner, Cleo, Theresa and I decided to do a pub crawl. We're at the Bourbon Orleans in the heart of the French Quarter, so all the fun gay bars were literally across the street. We stopped by Oz, the Bourbon Pub and then wound up at Cafe Lafitte, where the music was fantastic, the drinks were cheap and the bartender was adorable (hellllooooo, Josh!). My Diva editor Michael Montlack and essayist Lewis DeSimone were at Lafitte's and we had a chance to finally meet in person. There's a great review of the My Diva anthology in the Picayune today. We finally left the bar a little after midnight and we were all sufficiently inebriated. 

I'm off to breakfast with the gang, sitting in on some panels and tonight we're going to see Star Trek at the old Prytania Theatre. More soon!


christine said…
What fun! Grown ups getting to be kids. I need more of that. Sorry about your ankle. Better put your feet up when you get to the pub... .
January said…
I met my husband in New Orleans. Love that town. Enjoy!
Lisa Allender said…
Hope your ankle is healing up well.
Sounds like amazing fun in NOLA.
ButtonHole said…
Is the Bourbon Orleans a jail now? What's with the wire mesh? lol
Collin Kelley said…
It's mesh embedded into the window for hurricane protection to prevent flying glass.
bookfraud said…
i'm jealous, to a degree that you would not believe. (yes, that much). nola is my favorite place on the planet and i haven't been there since pre-katrina. glad to know that at least the quarter is still up and running.

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