Fortunate Daughter Press

I can't remember how many years ago the fabulous poet Cecilia Woloch told me she wanted to create a small press for chapbooks. I think we were driving back from a reading in Asheville, NC, so it must have been 2004. Fast forward to 2009 and raise a glass to the founding of Fortunate Daughter Press!

The new press is an imprint of the Southern California literary nonprofit Tebot Bach with the support of the organization's director, Mifanwy Kaiser, and poet Carmen Palmer. The Fortunate Daughter mission is to publish, annually, one simple and beautifully made chapbook by an exceptional poet who has not yet published a book or chapbook.

Fortunate Daughter's first title, An Urgent Request, by Sarah Luczaj, is available for online purchase via Tebot Bach's "Publications" page at this link. You can also visit the Fortunate Daughter website for a Q&A with Sarah and keep up to date with Fortunate Daughter news and events. The press is also on Twitter. I just received my copy of An Urgent Request and will post a mini-review soon.

Congrats, Cecilia, for making your dream come true!


Pris said…
What a wonderful idea! I love that cover for the first one.
Maggie May said…
Great heads up. I love the name Cecilia.
I'm so excited for Cecilia.
christine said…
It's a wonderful idea. Gorgeous cover. I want to buy the chapbook just to see the pretty paper... I'm such a glutton for stuff like that. Like those little ribbons Finishing Line puts in their books.
Anne said…
Nice! I love chapbooks & these look like they will be pretty ones.
Lisa Allender said…
Congratulations to Cecilia--a great poet, and a wise friend and mentor to others, too! ;)

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