Poets' Dinner at Top Flr in Atlanta

Collin Kelley, Julie Blomeke, Megan Volpert, Karen Head & Cleo Creech

Megan Volpert, Cleo Creech and Julie Blomeke
Megan Volpert
Karen Head holding her new collection, Sassing.
Cleo Creech

Cleo Creech, Megan Volpert, Julie Blomeke, Karen Head and myself met for our third poets' dinner at Top Flr restaurant in Midtown Atlanta. Delicious food and company!


Hate that I had to miss the dinner.
Collin Kelley said…
We're planning the next one for late August at Manuel's Tavern.
christine said…
Great pics, Collin! I am so sad I couldn't go. :-(

Karen looks thrilled, and well she should be. You're an awesome group of people, and I'm so happy to know all of you.

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