This Revolution Will Be Twittered & Tweeted

An editorial in yesterday's Daytona Beach News-Journal asked the best question: Can we stop asking what Twitter is for, now? In the wake of the corrupt election in Iran, the massive protests and deaths, it became obvious that American media totally dropped the ball on coverage of what was happening over the weekend and continues today, most notably CNN. Where was the place to find news happening moment by moment? Twitter, of course. While cable news continues to play catch-up – and many news organizations have been banned by the government from gathering and reporting information – Twitter is still the place to find the latest news. Go to Twitter and follow the trending topic #iranelection. Photos, live reports and much more. This is what Twitter is for. Now. 

Photo courtesy of, which has provided some arresting images of the protests.


Anonymous said…

The Peach Tart said…
I have to admit I've wondered about Twitter but you are so right. I saw on the news this morning that Twitter is how most news is being reported right now because of news blackouts.
Anonymous said…
It's an interesting thought, and valuable IF the news recipient approaches tweets as the un-fact-checked tidbits they are. Twitter is as easily an engine of propoganda as it is of fact. In the absence of formal news coverage, of course, something is better than nothing - just keep the grains of salt handy.
Radish King said…
Jeeze, even I have to condede on this one. Have been following this news closely. Thanks, CK.
Anonymous said…
I'd say most media is easily an engine of propaganda as it is fact. Fox News for example.


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