Three Songs For Summer

Florence and the Machine

Florence and the Machine have been releasing singles and EPs in Europe (and there's one on American iTunes), but the debut album Lungs drops later this month. "Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)" is one of the most gorgeous songs (and videos) I've heard in ages. 


Australian producer and filmmaker Pogo's blissed out, techno cut up of Mary Poppins called "Expialidocious" is getting a cult following on the web. He's also cut up Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter. So incredibly cool.

Basement Jaxx

No proper video for Basement Jaxx's long-awaited new single, "Raindrops," but if this doesn't put in a summer/clubbing mood nothing will. 


Anonymous said…
OMG how could you do this to me. Ive listened to that damn Expialidocious song 100 times now and just went and downloaded it from his MySpace. I think there are subliminal suggestions that hypnotize you and i also have a crazy urge to go buy Mary Poppins. All your fault. All your fault.

David (H) said…
Collin, I love these remixes too. So beautiful. I love the Alice one too.

And Mary? Mary Poppins breaks my little heart. :)

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