Karen Head and her fiance Colin Potts took me out to dinner on my 40th birthday at Cafe Alsace (perfect way to celebrate Conquering Venus, too) in Decatur and then totally surprised me with a party at Leon's Full Service. Kodac Harrison, Ginger Murchison, Julie Bloemeke, Robin Kemp, Rupert Fike and Franklin Abbott were all there to help me celebrate.

We had absinthe, and they way Leon's serves it is so cool. Check the photo at left by Julie. They brought out a decanter with ice water with little taps around it. Drops of water melted the sugar cubes on slotted spoons resting on the rim of the glass of absinthe. Sadly, it didn't have any wormwood, which causes a euphoria similar to take ecstasy. I've had real absinthe in Europe, so trust me on this. Still, having the taste and presentation at our table for my birthday was fun.

Last night, I stayed in and read a book (my gift to myself), but tonight it's dinner out with BFF Malory and tomorrow more eating and a movie with BFF Joy.


Maggie May said…
'absinthe' is such a delicious word! it sounds so evilll!

Happy Birthday, Collin!
Lisa Allender said…
Loved reading about your fun 40th here. And Karen Head/Robin Kemp's posting of photos with the tag line(on Facebook) of "Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder" is adorable!
Hope to celebrate soon with you--I have goody for you! ;)
Yes, just ask Jarry and the other Surrealists...
Happy birthday, any number with a 0 is a biggie! -Jayne
christine said…
What a great way to serve absinthe! Well, I have no idea how it's served, since I've never tried it... But the little carafe with fountains is very cool. Happy Birthday, Collin. I wish I had been there. And here's to your continued success in literature. CV is a huge accomplishment.

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