Holiday Weekend Report

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. On Christmas Eve, I met up with Megan, Mindy and Cleo to see George Clooney's new flick, Up in the Air, and eat Chinese food. The movie is brilliant, especially Anna Kendrick. I'll be posting a review this week.

I spent Christmas Day at my grandmother's house with my parents. We had a gigantic meal -- ham, roast beef, corn, green beans, squash, yams, potato salad and more -- and exchanged small gifts. I gave lottery tickets, but, sadly, no one won anything from them. Ah, well... On Christmas night, BFF Malory and I went to see A Single Man starring Colin Firth, Julianne Moore and the scorchingly hot Nicholas Hoult (from About a Boy and Skins). Review coming on that one, too.

Saturday was spent on the couch channel surfing, writing a little, eating leftovers and watching part one of the final David Tennant episode of Doctor Who. Next Saturday's finale is going to be very sad. Despite what the fanboys think, Tennant has been the best Doctor ever. It was nice to have a day to just chill out, or chillax as folks are saying these days. Pretty soon, we'll be back to speaking in grunts.

How was your weekend?


Lisa Allender said…
Hi Collin. Ah, you already saw "Up In The Air".We(Hansoo & I) are going today.
I had a wonderful Christmas Day; I'm posting an entry, detailing the weekend, at my (formerly) neglected blog, in a few minutes...
Thanks for the well-wishes, and the lovely music, all Season long, Coll!
Nancy Devine said…
i'm really looking forward to your movie reviews. i love colin firth.
huge winter storm here...something i've never seen on christmas.
i ate like there was no tomorrow and then tomorrow came and i was still full.
cross-country skiing tomorrow is a must.

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