Holidaze 2009

I'm feeling a little disconnected from the holidays this season. Maybe it's because I'm not doing any shopping and I haven't been to any parties. Like last year, I didn't buy any gifts and told friends and family that their good wishes was all I required. I've been sending emails and making phone calls to my friends and loved ones. I'm serious about saving money. I think the disconnect also has to do with my hectic schedule lately, which has finally settled down and I'll finally be able to get back to work on the second novel. That's my Christmas present to myself -- time. I'm spending Christmas Day with my family and I hope to meet up with some friends for a movie or two over the long weekend. I really want to see Up in the Air with Mr. Clooney.

I've been stuck in the 200-page range on the Conquering Venus sequel for a few months now. I write, I revise, I move scenes around or delete them all together. My goal is to have 50 new pages by the time the long New Year's weekend is over. That would also be a good gift. What are you -- gentle readers -- doing for yourself over the holidays?

There will be more blog posts this week, as I also hope to get started on my resolution to be a better blogger. Expect some book reviews -- fiction and poetry -- and my annual video posting of holiday songs. That will help put me in a more festive mood. Maybe.


Justin Evans said…
Merry Christmas, Collin.

We are going to be staying home until Christmas Day, and then taking te drive and staying with my grandmother for a few days. Hopefully we will get to see a few friends and go to dinner a few times at the restaurants we can't get to on a regular basis.

As far as writing goes, I am meandering through my second manuscript doing a scheduled maintenance for typos and the such, trying to contextualize the rest of the manuscript.

All the best in those 50 new pages. I'm sure they are there waiting for you.

Again, Happy Holidays!
Nancy Devine said…
my husband and i are staying put at our house, hanging out with our dogs. we've got no xmas decorations up, which qualifies us for heathen status.
i've got to get some poems sent out, and i've got to try to get a chapbook out to someone.
happy holidays!
Anonymous said…
Xmas spirit is in short supply this year. Personally this has been a crap year and I'm ready to move on to the new year and a new decade.

Lisa Allender said…
Hi Coll--I love your header, here. I've been wishing everyone "Happy Holidays/Holidaze" on Facebook for awhile now.Hilarious!
I wanna see "Up In The Air", too, as does Hansoo...maybe Wednesday night--what are you doing?
To answer your inquiry per what-r-we-doin-for-Christmas:
Still undecided if we'll try to drive up to Asheville-area to visit my Uncle Bud who lives there, and see my Mom who's staying there a few days. We'll see if Hansoo is up for it(he travels sooo much for work, he's pretty tired...)
If we're here, Franklin's "Christmas Fish" Potlock Dinner sounds fun. :)
jessica handler said…
Happy Christmas and New Year, Collin. Here's a toast to a man who can write while watching "Dr. Who"!
christine said…
Your Holidaze sounds alright to me. I prefer everyday life to all this amping-up stuff.

I wish you fifty pages and sweet dreams.

In the meantime, I'm going to search your blog for that cool art film site you've blogged about in the past.
Collin Kelley said…
Christine, it's the Criterion Collection of DVDs you're looking for. www.Criterion.com. xo

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