Novel & Poetry Updates

There's been a flurry of events and reviews of Conquering Venus over the last few days. First up, the lovely video review by Erica Hensley from Bound to Be Read Books in Atlanta. You can watch it above.

There's also the great review by Jennifer Perry in the latest edition of New Southerner. You can read it online at this link.

Yesterday, I read at Bound to Be Read Books during the queer literary showcase, Homo for the Holidays. Franklin Abbott, Cleo Creech, Karen Head, Alice Teeter, Larry Corse and Yolo Akili all performed. That's a pic of me at left courtesy of Karen.

The reading in Nashville was a great experience. The audience was small but Jim and everyone at OutLoud Books and OutCentral cultural center for fantastic. There was some lively Q&A and thoughtful questions about the book and my experiences in Europe that inspired the story. I forgot my camera, so I have no photos but Lisa Allender was there and should have some soon. I'm looking forward to going back to Nashville. It's an easy drive from Atlanta and it's a very cool city (and quite cold, since it was 18 degrees when I woke up on Friday for the drive back).

Tonight, I'm talking to a local book club that has been reading the novel. Looking forward to hearing their thoughts and questions.

I've still got my finger in the poetry pie, too, with three new poems in the debut issue of Scythe Literary Journal, created by Joe and Chenelle Milford. The issue features guests who have appeared on the Joe Milford Poetry Show.


Wow! Great video & print review, Collin!
Anonymous said…
Great reviews!!!

Maggie May said…
I am ashamed of myself as I should be for my horrible procrastination in posting your review, which is no reflection on your book or yourself, but on my own crazy life and mind. It will come, although belatedly, and you deserve all kudos.
January said…
My new goal: visiting Atlanta in 2010 so I can hear you read (and see my grandparnets!). Congrats on CV and Scythe.

I'll post a review of CV up in January. It will be first up on my book list for the new year.
christine said…
That's wonderful that they chose CV for their book club. And to have the author visit them is a huge plus for the group.

I've never been to Nashville, or Memphis! So much to see and do right in my own backyard...

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