American Idol 9 - Orlando Auditions

After Tuesday’s disastrous Chicago auditions, I wasn’t expecting much from Orlando. More than 10,000 auditioned, and 31 made it through to Hollywood, but we only saw a few of those.

Instead, we got shortchanged on the celebrity judge, since the hilarious Broadway and television actress Kristen Chenoweth (pictured) was only there for one day of auditions, and we saw a bunch of mostly middling singers. Sigh.

Queen of the Night: Theo Glinton sashay-shante’d into the auditions looking like a bird had crashed through his windshield and into his face. There was a feather stuck to the side of his head, lots of glitter and a flowing scarf. It was a little too Lady Gaga meets “Silence of the Lambs” for me, dawg. After shouting Pat Benatar’s “Heartbreaker” and being dismissed by the judges, Miss Ryan Seacrest helped Theo take off his glitter. Insert your own joke here.

Read the rest of the recap at Project Q Atlanta.


Maggie May said…
agreed. when the best thing about an episode is Simon's grin, it's bad.
Radish King said…
I've been watching Pushing Daisies on Netflix since I didn't ever even know it was on when it was on TV and I think Miss Cheoweth there is a terrific comic actress. She gives me the mad giggles. Loved her on Glee, too.
Anonymous said…
Idol is boring as fuck so far. I'm just reading your recaps to the real show starts. Let me know.


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