American Idol 9 - Hollywood Week, Part 2

If you watch Wednesday’s “American Idol” and ask your boyfriend, girlfriend or cat “who the fuck are these people?” you’re not alone. The majority of singers seem new, but it’s typical “Idol.” There were some good performances, but even Ellen seemed aghast at much of the backstage shenanigans and the resulting performances.

Cheers, tears and queers were in abundance, along with a healthy dose of diva attitude, most of it coming from Todrick “I Toured With Fantasia in ‘The Color Purple’” Hall, who I already hate.

Todrick was part of Destiny’s Wild (gag me), who pitched a big hissy when another group, Neapolitan, also decided to sing an a cappella version of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” I thought both groups sounded like shit, but the judges put them through.

Team Awesome included Michael “Big Mike” Lynche, whose wife gave birth to a daughter while he yelled “push that baby out” on his cell phone. Mike made it through, but another member of his group Michael Castro (brother of dreadlocked season seven finalist Jason “Stoner” Castro) was given the boot.

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Those groups were dreadful! When the judges called them "Weird" it wasn't meant as a compliment. So. Very. Bad.
Anonymous said…
I've missed most of the season so far so thanks for the recaps.


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