American Idol 9 - Top 12 Guys Perform

After the disastrous performances from the Top 12 girls on “American Idol” Tuesday night, I was hoping the Top 12 boys would really shine, but they didn’t come close.

As with the girls, it was a night of terrible song choices and even worse voices. Some of these guys simply cannot sing. You know it’s a bad night when the commercials are more entertaining (“Glee” back in April and Powerade’s resurrection of NuShooz’s “I Can’t Wait.”). Read on.

Todrick Hall: Was he actually singing? He sort of rapped/talked Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You Been Gone” and stripped it of any melody, making it unrecognizable. Arrogant, cocky and more jazz hands than a Fosse musical, Todrick needs to go home immediately. If you voted for this ego monster, shame on you.

Aaron Kelly: He’s only 16, cute as a button and already making the tweens scream in the audience. He has a surprisingly good country/pop voice, although I wasn’t feeling his version of Rascal Flats’ “Here Comes Goodbye.” He’s a safe bet for all the flyover state conservatives, so he’ll make Top 12 for sure.

Jermaine Sellers: He auditioned in Atlanta and is a self-described “church singer,” but God wasn’t with him tonight as he destroyed “Get Here” by Oleta Adams. Breathy, pitchy and more runs than a hooker’s pantyhose, it was like a bad high school talent show performance.

Read the rest of the recap at Project Q Atlanta now, and check back tonight to find out which two guys and two girls get sent home.


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