American Idol 9 - Top 12 Perform the Rolling Stones

The “American Idol” Top 12 sang the songs of the Rolling Stones Tuesday, and for the most part, it didn’t suck nearly as bad as I thought it would.

I guess licensing the songbook keeps Mick, Keith and the boys in adult diapers, Werthers candies, Bengay cream and future hip replacements. I digress.

The whole bit with the judges walking out on stage and Miss Seacrest coming down the stairs like Norma Desmond (“I’m ready for my close up, Mr. Cowell”) is just ridiculous.

I guess they had to pad out the two hours somehow. They also moved to a bigger studio set, which looked like some left over effects from “Tron.” I digress again.

Michael Lynche: He once again set the bar high for the boys with a funky, R&B version of “Miss You.” A couple of bum notes at the end, but this almost sounded ready for radio. Simon thought it was desperate and corny, Miss Seacrest challenged him, and Simon said they could sort it out in his trailer later. Uh-huh…

Didi Benami: The arm-waving robots were back in the front row for her cover of “Play with Fire.” She flubbed it a bit by dropping the melody at the beginning and pushing the notes too hard, but this was probably her best performance.

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Radish King said…
Nobody who moves like Mick will ever need a hip replacement.

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