AWP bits

Poets and writers will be converging on Denver later this week for the Associatiation of Writers & Writing Programs Conference, better known as AWP.

I'm not going to AWP, after all. I'm going to Tallahassee Pridefest instead, where I'm featuring with the wonderful Terry Galloway, author of the brilliant memoir Mean Little Deaf Queer. To be honest, I couldn't afford Denver. The hotel room prices are outrageous, plus the airfare, meals, drinks, hookers... it was just too rich for my blood. Tallahassee is a leisurely drive, they are kindly putting me up and I am thrilled that an LGBT festival has made a literary event one of its focal points. Hooray for Tally.

I will still be taking part in my AWP panel, "Poetry By Any Means Necessary," with Lola Haskins, Karen Head and Megan Volpert through the magic of the cell phone. If you're at AWP and decide to attend (it's Thursday morning early...9 a.m. I think), know I will be there in disembodied spirit. Since it will be lunchtime here, I'll probably be sipping a Mai Tai on the beach with my slim, beautiful, 21-year-old boy toy, but maybe the waves won't cause too much noise.

If you're at the book fair, don't get trampled by the MFA students rushing around with their packets of poems and manuscripts looking for a publisher. Did they ban that behavior after Atlanta? I hope so, but who can blame them? So many poets, so few teaching jobs and residencies.



Anonymous said…
Welllllllll this is dripping with sarcasm for somebody's benefit.

Charles said…
I'm glad I got to see you last month, and have fun in FL!
Collin Kelley said…
Charlie, it really was a treat to hang out with you, Reb and to meet Beau at last. Tell him I said hey!
Steve Fellner said…
Can I listen to the panel on cell phone? Or can the panel meet in a chatroom? Kill two birds with one stone.
Collin Kelley said…
Oh, honey, catch up. Nobody uses anymore. I can send a transcript to your account on Bears & Ballgags if you like, though.
January said…
I, for one, am sad you're not here. But I did find out that AWP has a group discount for hookers. Woo hoo!

Let the games begin.


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