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Still trying to sort out the header for the blog. It says it should be 400 pixels wide, but you can see that is totally wrong. I've checked in the html coding and that's the width it's supposed to be, but as you can see, it's still too short. If anyone has a suggestion on how to fix it or determine the size, I'd appreciate it.

Note: As you can see, I figured it out. I realized that the design of this blog is actually in three columns and not two, so my friend and graphic designer extraordinaire, Liz, adjusted the header and we updated the title with a new font. It's actually the same font -- Windsor -- that Woody Allen uses for the title cards on his films.

Diane Lockward reminded me I hadn't posted the links to this week's "American Idol" recaps. Tuesday night's performance show is at this link and the Wednesday night marathon "Idol Gives Back" and elimination is at this link. You can always read the recaps first at Project Q Atlanta.


I'm glad you're keeping this blog address, Cookie Kelley; it's where we first met (queue Titanic music).

Looks great. *jealous*
Collin Kelley said…
Me, too. Since I copied all the posts over to WordPress, I'm keeping it private and as a back-up, but I'm staying put. :)

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