Pushcarts, Twitterature and Lynn Redgrave

Poet and playwright Alice Shapiro is working on an audio project, The Change Interviews, at her website. The project features poets discussing and reading their Pushcart Prize-nominated work. Alice asked me to participate and you can hear me talking about and reading "Jean Arthur at the Lincoln Memorial," which was published and nominated by Hobble Creek Review, at this link. There are also readings by Elena Karina Byrne, Bryan Borland, Ray Sharp, Lynne Thompson and others. Many thanks, Alice.

Back in March, Joe Milazzo, associate editor of California Institute of the Arts' literary journal Black Clock, asked me and three other writers, artists and editors – Phil Gyford, Andy Hunter and Kevin Thom – to participate in an e-roundtable on how Twitter is transforming literature. The results is "Twitterature: When Moby Dick Became The Fail Wail." You can read the article and transcript at this link.

Very sad to hear about the passing of Lynn Redgrave after a seven year battle with breast cancer. She was fantastic is so many films, including Georgy Girl and Gods and Monsters, and her many stage roles.


Alice Shapiro said…
Thank you for being an important part of The Change Interviews, Collin. Also for the poets' list on Twitter. It's wonderful to see the posts from such excellent poets as Zinta and Amy King (and a welcome relief from MLMs and other advertisements).
Anonymous said…
You are one busy bee.

Lisa Allender said…
Late catching up with you(blame Facebook, though I'm spending less time there, more time in Blogosphere).
Terrible loss, Lynn Redgrave.

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