Weekend Report

The Red Clay Writers Conference at Kennesaw State University on Saturday was fantastic. Great speakers and the attendees asked smart questions and bought books. My favorite event was Lauretta Hannon, who talked about her memoir, The Cracker Queen, and offered practical advice on how to write your life story.  It was a good lead in to my talk on confessional writing in fiction and poetry. Many thanks to Cherie and Lisa at Georgia Writers Association for the invitation and Jessica Handler who suggested me.

Sunday was spent working on the sequel to Conquering Venus. I put in four solid hours, mostly editing and rewriting my way out of a corner. I realized I had overly complicated what should have been a fairly straightforward series of events to move the plot to the big reveal – Irène finally catching up with her husband's lover and finding out how Jean-Louis died in 1968. I'm back on track!


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