Christmas Eve eve

Shopping is complete, I'm off work and snow is expected on Christmas Day in Atlanta. I'm spending the next four days reading, writing and relaxing. I've got a novel to finish! I'm also planning to see the Coen Brothers' take on True Grit – I do love a good western. I watched the original with John Wayne last night on TCM, so I'm ready to see how Jeff Bridges interprets Rooster Cogburn.

I've written a new article for AOL Travel about Literary London. I've been going to London for the last 15 years, so I think I've hit most of the famous (and infamous) spots, and a few off the beaten path. For the last five years, I've stayed at the Tavistock Hotel in the center of Bloomsbury, which was London's literary epicenter. The hotel sits on the site of Virginia Woolf's house that was destroyed in the London Blitz. I love the area and always feel inspired to write and explore. You can read the article here: Literary Hot Spots: London.

On Saturday, Feb. 26, from 1 to 4 p.m. I'll be teaching an afternoon poetry workshop for The Atlanta Writers Club at the Dunwoody campus of Georgia Perimeter College. The cost is $75 and I'm limiting the class size to 10 poets. This will be a critique and generative workshop, so each poet can bring in a draft in progress and then we'll move on to writing exercises. For more information and to register, visit this link.


Ivy said…
Bloomsbury is also my favourite place in London. It just feels so right!
Liz said…
Me too about Bloomsbury. Happy Festivities, Collin.
Suzanne said…
Happy Holidays, Collin!
Jeannine said…
Merry Christmas, Collin! Loved your London article - I dream about going there someday!

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