Tweeting "American Idol"

Rather than recapping the 10th season of American Idol,  I'm live tweeting about it on Twitter instead. You can follow my tweets when the show is on or go back and look at the feed at @collinkelley.

Despite Simon Cowell, Kara DioWhateverhernamewas and Ellen departing the show, it still feel likes the same old Idol.  Randy Jackson was useless as ever and Jennifer Lopez was a snooze (and a little fake), but Steven Tyler was hilarious. He's obviously drug-addled and was yowling, saying crazy shit and perving on the 16-year-old girls. If Chris Hansen doesn't snatch up Steven for an episode of To Catch A Predator, the Aerosmith singer could be the best thing to happen to Idol in a decade.

As for the contestants at tonight's New Jersey auditions: the usual amount of the ridiculous and the mediocre. Nothing new there, then.

See y'all on Twitter tomorrow night for the New Orleans auditions.


Anonymous said…
I miss the recaps but the show is dull as hell this year. Hate the judges. Just over it.


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