No AWP for me

Many of my blogosphere, Facebook and Twitter buddies are in Washington D.C. at the AWP 2011 Conference. I'm in rainy Atlanta writing – this blog, my novel, a new poem, articles for the newspaper I edit.

Honestly, I didn't see the point of going to AWP this year. While I would love to meet up with some of my fellow writers, I simply couldn't afford to go (no university subsidy here), wasn't invited to be on a panel and I'm between projects, so nothing to shamelessly self-promote.

I do plan to attend the 2012 AWP in Chicago, so if anyone is putting together a panel on poetry, fiction or social media, do let me know. I'll start saving my pennies now.

If you're kicking yourself for not attending AWP, read Jeannine Hall Gailey's handy-dandy "How To Survive Not Going to AWP DC" guide at her blog. It's funny stuff.


Thanks for the shout-out, sweetie. I'm going next year too! I have to pay my own way as well. Makes it hard to attend as often as I'd like. But at least we didn't lose our luggage, get caught in a snow storm in an airport, or miss our important panel!
Peter said…
Hi Collin: sounds like a great panel idea-- "How to survive not going to AWP." Do you think they'd accept it? ;)
Radish King said…
I'm going to Chicago tomorrow in order to avoid next year's AWP. I'll be in Paris when it comes to Seattle.


christine said…
I love the poem that's now in International Gallerie. Congratulations for having another magazine recognize it for the wonderful poem it is.

Hopefully the February doldrums will end soon.

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