Poetry and fiction

My second post as the inaugural Writer-In-Residence for Poets & Writers' new blog is up now! You can read it at this link. For this post, I wrote an essay about the genesis of the annual Voices Carry reading I've been curating and hosting with Cecilia Woloch for the past seven years.

There's only three days left to enter The Big Poetry Giveaway here at Modern Confessional. If you haven't left a comment on The Big Giveaway post, visit this link. Kelli Russell-Agodon has a full list of the 60+ bloggers participating this year at her Book of Kells blog.

My editor, the fabulous Kathy Vogeltanz, completed her edit of the Remain in Light manuscript ahead of schedule, so I'm doing small rewrites, fixing typos and getting ready to send it to Vanilla Heart by mid-May. Kathy wrote the word BRAVO! in red pen across the title page, so that was a big boost. I was also pleased that she said the book totally stands on its own, even if you haven't read Conquering Venus. That was the biggest challenge, and I feel like I've succeeded.


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