Goodreads giveaway, Howl-a-Thon & more

This past Friday, the Atlanta Queer Literary Festival and Poetry Atlanta presented the Howl-a-Thon – a celebration of Allen Ginsberg's poetry on his birthday and fundraiser for AQLF.  I had the honor of opening the night reading "America" with Alice Lovelace. For the next few hours, the big audience was treated to a full reading of Howl and Kaddish. It was a transcendent evening. AQLF also raised more than $300, which will go toward expenses for the 2011 festival, which will be held June 23-25. You can see the schedule for this year's AQLF at this link.

I'm giving away three copies of Conquering Venus on Goodreads. You'll see the widget in the sidebar where you can enter to win if you're a Goodreads member. If you're not, consider signing up. It's free and a great place to discover new books and interact with readers and authors.

More than 200 people have read the sample chapters of Remain in Light at Scribd. Thank you again for your support! If you haven't read the chapters here's the link.

My review of Kate Bush's new album, Director's Cut, is now up at the soldout music blog at this link.


Jennifer Perry said…
Looks, or sounds, like a perfect night to howl!

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