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My next project is going to be a memoir about all my (mis)adventures in London, so I decided to start a Tumblr blog called This City Never Sleeps (inspired by Eurythmics' song) as a visual diary and scrapbook of all the things I love about London. There's photos, music, videos, quotes, poems and more. I only created the blog a few days ago, but the number of people following me and re-blogging my stuff is amazing. If you're on Tumblr, do say hello and follow along, but you don't need an account to enjoy the sights and sounds.

My essay on Kate Bush's album Hounds of Love is now posted at Charlie Jensen's blog. Read it at this link. Charlie asked poets to submit essays about albums that inspire them and must be listened to in their entirety. Hounds of Love is definitely one of those.

I've created a new Facebook page as a clearing house for all things about my novels, poetry and other writings. Feel free to hit the "Like" button.

Nearly 600 people have read the sample chapters of Remain in Light at Scribd. WOW!


Lisa Allender said…
Miss you; love you. :D
JillWrites said…
Arrived at your site via Robert Lee Brewer's blogroll. I like that you've posted this enthusiasm for Tumblr. I have been debating with myself about how I'd like to use Tumblr, if at all. Best of luck with your new project.
Muhammad Amir said…
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