"Remain In Light" round-up

Red Room featured Remain In Light on its homepage yesterday and added the book to its What to Read Next column. Woot!

Many thanks to the folks who have given the book shout outs on their blogs including Kelli Russell Agodon, January O'Neil, Malcolm Campbell, Ben Tanzer and Jameson Currier at Queer Type. I can't even begin to thank all the kind people who have posted links to the book on their Facebook pages, Google+ and on Twitter.

Amos Lassen posted back to back reviews of Conquering Venus and Remain in Light, while fellow author Marshall Moore left a fantastic review at Goodreads. If you're on Goodreads, please add Remain In Light to your "to read" queue.

Remain In Light is also now available in the newly-launched French Amazon Kindle Store, which seems appropriate since the novel is set in Paris. Vive le France!

If you're reading Remain In Light, please consider posting a review at Amazon, Smashwords or on Goodreads. Every review helps put the book in front of new eyeballs.

Thanks for your patience while I'm in the shameless self-promotion phase of the book. Rising above the noise of the thousands of other authors publishing eBooks and finding an audience has surely been the most challenging thing I've done as an author.

Tomorrow, watch for a blog post on the anatomy of a Facebook ad. Yes, I ponied up some cash and tried Facebook advertising for a week. The results will be honest and will, hopefully, help you decide if Facebook is right for you as a writer.


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