Short story collection preview

Work on the short story collection continues, but I thought I'd give you a sneak peek at the opening paragraphs of "Clover Grill." 

I am somewhere on I-10 in Mississippi, barreling westbound through a rainstorm at 80 miles an hour on a Wednesday afternoon. The last road sign I remember was for Beauvoir, some Confederate general's antebellum plantation. The sky is full of ominous, dark clouds rolling in from the Gulf. Wouldn't it be just my luck if a hurricane were churning out there? I didn't check the weather when I left Atlanta this morning. Yes, that would be fitting – eluding one storm and running smack into the middle of another.

My mind keeps wandering, hydroplaning from one thought to another like the wheels of my car. Up ahead I see a billboard for a casino in Biloxi and a mileage sign for my final destination: New Orleans – 100 miles.

I should be in Charleston on my second honeymoon with Mike. We’re not expected back until late Sunday night. Is New Orleans far enough away? If I keep driving, I could be on the other side of the country before anyone realizes there was a sudden change of plans.


Joy said…
Lisa Allender said…
Indeed, you ARE a tease, Collin. Great to chat with ya earlier tonight. See y'all on Sunday! And I look forward to the short story collection! :)

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