Three Questions for... Janet Lane Walters

My Three Questions series with fellow Vanilla Heart Publishing authors continues with Janet Lane Walters, a retired nurse who has since written nearly 40 books including The Warrior of Bast and Mistress of the Moons. Her latest is The Chosen of Horu, a novel of historical fiction and time travel about a young man who lands in Egypt during the hunt for the next Pharaoh. Find out more about Janet at her blog at this link.

Do you use an outline or just begin with an idea and write toward a conclusion? 
I always know the beginning and the end – and some of the scenes in between – before I start. Then I just let the words flow. It's sort of like having a road map, but allowing myself to take a side trip or two and then deleting what doesn't work out. 

Whats on your writing desk right now? 
More than 20 dragons – I collect them. There's also the computer and notepads filled with all kinds of interesting material, like who will be featured on my blog. Then there are the pages I'm typing. I write with a pen and notebook as well as on the screen. My desk is cluttered, but no one is allowed to touch it. I know where everything is.

Do you own an eReader? If so, have you downloaded your own book?
I've owned eReaders since they first came out in 1998 and I'm on my third one. Yes, I have downloaded my own books, but not all of them. There are a lot. I've been electronically published since 1998 and I embraced the technology early on.


Janet, you are my amazing friend. It's always interesting learning a little bit more about you. Thanks, Collin.
Anonymous said…
Love your description of how you write, Janet, knowing the beginning, the end, some scenes in the middle, and then allowing it to wander.
Sun Singer said…
I don't think I would trust dragons running loose on my desk. Goodness knows what would happen during the night.

Sheila Claydon said…
I love this interview. Janet sounds such a positive go-getter from the way she writes her novels to the way she was one of the first people to own an eReader. I love the dragons too!

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