Townsend Prize wrap-up

Thursday night was the ceremony for the 2012 Townsend Prize for Fiction at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Remain In Light did not win. The honor went to Thomas Mullen for his novel The Many Deaths of the Firefly Brothers. And while I'm disappointed, I'm still thrilled that my second novel was a finalist along with so many other fine books and authors. Remain In Light represented the small presses this year and also had the distinction of being the first eBook to be nominated in the award's 30 year history. That's an accomplishment in itself. You can read more about Tom Mullen and the Townsend ceremony at this link.

Many thanks to BFF Malory for being my date to the Townsend ceremony. The Botanical Garden was gorgeous and there was a big crowd there. Mixing and mingling with the authors (many of whom I'd never met) and the literature lovers was fun. I signed quite a few books during the evening and talked about The Venus Trilogy. The inevitable question from most was, "When is the third book coming out?" I have the outline, some leftover material that was cut from Remain In Light, and a goal to begin working on the book while I'm in London this summer.

Onward and upward.


Sun Singer said…
It's difficult to be gracefully disappointed, but you managed it well. I was happy to see your book on such a great list; same goes for VHP out there amongst the BIG PUBLISHERS.

Have fun in London--but not so much fun that you don't do any writing. Get your laptop and sit on the Circle Line for a few hours and just write.

Congratulations, mate! I think its wonderful. The first ebook - yippee! The outright winner must be REALLY good to have beaten your gorgeous book.

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