Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Update

Here's some music to get you in the holiday spirit: the gorgeous version of "Carol of the Bells" from the Windham Hill collective, including the amazing Liz Story on piano.

I'm doing my annual link clean-up and dropping by my fellow bloggers' sites to wish them happy holidays today. This has been a tradition of mine now for years and it's something I look forward to. Since Modern Confessional will celebrating its 10th anniversary in May 2013, you'll also be seeing some changes to the blog in the coming months.

Tonight it's dinner and a movie with friends and then a full day tomorrow with family. Check the blog tomorrow for my annual posting of the greatest holiday song ever!


January said...

Merry Christmas!

Maureen said...

Wishing you all the joy and beauty of the season, Collin, and much continued writing success in the coming New Year. Merry Christmas!

(I think I have all of Liz Story's CDs.)

Reading the Signs said...

Merry Christmas, Collin - pleased that you will be in the UK next year and hope to see you then.

Kathleen said...

And a happy, happy Christmas to you, and a very happy New Year!

Jeannine said...

Merry Christmas, Collin! I'm trying to update the web site over the holiday too - trying being the operative word - because WordPress seems really hard compared to blogger!

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