The October Country

Yes, I've been slacking off on posting on the blog, but I've been incredibly busy since the last post – day job, family stuff, finalizing my week of readings in LA with Theresa Davis and getting Leaving Paris back on track.

I've blown off reading opportunities, dinner invitations and birthday parties (sorry, Megan) because I feel like I've been burning the cliched old candle at both ends and all I've got left is wick. I spent Saturday on the couch watching random movies: Wargames (Global Thermonuclear War!),  Showgirls (Doggy Chow, darlin'), Prince of Tides ("Lowenstein, Lowenstein") and Prometheus (which seems to have gotten worse since I saw it last year in London). Sometimes you just need to clear your head and not go near a computer for 24 hours. I feel refreshed today, thus this blog post.

The one event I did read at was the Stride Into Pride Literary Showcase at Charis Books on Thursday night. It was a standing room only crowd and one of the best readings I've been to in ages. I was happy to see so many familiar and new faces in attendance. Some asshole(s) painted anti-gay graffiti on the building after the event was over, but that only strengthens the resolve of the LGBT community to fight harder for equal rights.

I'm glad that autumn is here, although with temperatures still in the 80s here in Atlanta it's hard to tell. But I have noticed the mornings are cooler and next week's temps are only in the 70s. I'm a fall and winter kinda guy, so I'm ready for some cold weather and a snowstorm (as long as the electricity stays on).

And I'm already plotting with BFF Donna about London in early 2014. I'm still bitter about not getting my month there this past summer, but beggars can't be choosers, so a week will have to do.

Currently reading: The October Country (of course) by Ray Bradbury and Fear of Flying (again) by Erica Jong.


Hi Coll-Coll just getting caught up with blog-reading
Glad you r getting a bit of time for YOU!

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