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Atticus I Should Be So Lucky, In the Cut, Killing Time, The Black Suitcase

Blue Fifth Review (Fall 2008) New Car Smell and Squelch

Blue Fifth Review (Winter 2007) After adultery, Paris Texas and From Her to Eternity

Blue Fifth Review Broadside Series Patty Hearst on the Occasion of Her Presidential Pardon 

Blue Fifth Review (Winter 2017) Another Monica Bellucci Dream

Chantarelle's Notebook Strange Angels and Terminal Agitation 

Contemporary American Voices Raise the Titanic, Bountiful, Duskdream and 20th Century Boy

The Cortland Review The Unrequited Arsonist

Creative Loafing Why I Want To Be Pam Grier

Diode Ritual

Ecotone Whipping Boy 

Ekphrastic Review Turning 

Ekphrastic Review The Last Confession of Sister Ruth

Flycatcher In Tavistock Square and Outsole 

Georgia Center for the Book Saving Anne Sexton

Hoxie Gorge Review Union Square

Impossible Archetype Strange Weather 

Impossible Archetype At Prospect Cottage 

Impossible Archetype Five Days in LA

In Motion Magazine Siege

In Posse Review Fairy Tale Eating Disorders, Human Trafficking and Spring Hill 

Limp Wrist Roosters and Hens

LOCUSPOINT Controlled Burn, LA Poetry Reading, Inglewood and Second Line 

Luna Luna Nineteen, Brunch and Nostalgia 

MockingHeart Review The panic of wanting you, Dukker, I ask too much of cities, Unaccounted for

Ouroboros Review Augusta Orchid Club, Club Amnesia and Velocity 

Pendemic Flamenco Sketches (Demo)

Poetry Super Highway Undefined, Drag and Peter Greenaway

SubtleTea Credentials

The Next Best Book Blog Tuscumbia, Alabama

Verse Daily What Remains

Verse Daily To Margot Kidder, With Love

VerseWrights Incantation, English Pastoral, Victoria Gate, Knoxville: Summer1982, Atonement, cleanskin, Xenomorphs, At Lake Forest Plaza, Looking for Pee Wee, Render

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