AJC HELPS ANSWER THE CALL: Just last week I posted a call for submissions for poems about Atlanta's MARTA subway stations for a digital poetry project being organized by Georgia Tech. This week -- and specifically today -- the Atlanta Journal & Constitution jumped on the bandwagon and have published a lengthy story and excerpts from some of the already chosen poems, including mine, and those by Lisa Allender and Laurel Snyder. The article and excerpts are already online here and will appear in tomorrow's print edition on the front of the Living section. Very cool! Many thanks to AJC writer Bo Emerson and Karen Head, who is organizing the project. I think she's going to have more submissions than she knows what to do with now.

I woke up this morning feeling awful. I worked from home (between fielding calls from the AJC) and pretty much laid on the couch watching Judge Judy and Oprah. I feel a bit better tonight...although the dreaded hour-long American Idol results show made me queasy all over again.

As predicted, the bottom two were Blake and LaKisha, and Miss Kiki got the boot. My lasting image of her (along with Cherryl calling her "hambone") will be from tonight's ridiculous Ford commercial the contestants are forced to film each week. Watching Kiki's big ass run down a backlot street being chased by a car was not pretty. At all.


Anonymous said…
Congrats on the article.

Dont worry. Blake will go next week. Jordin and Melinda are going to be top two.

Rupert said…
yes, great article by Bo - god help us all if the ajc fires him too - loved the snip of your poem re the P'tree Center station - what a great image - to be the child taken underground, and then that elevator - loved Lisa's and Laurel's too
Collin said…
Thanks guys. :) Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, I wish the AJC hadn't opened a blog for the topic. The comments have been racist and ignorant.
jenni said…
At the beginning of AI, I would've never thought Kiki would be going home before Jordin.
Rupert said…
wow, those marta comments ARE pretty hateful - it's odd, because those same irritants, human smells, loud-talkers, gruff workers - they're just taken in stride on the nyc subway, it's part of the experience - I thought the Holmes station poem has legs . . . and music

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