I snapped this yesterday afternoon on my way home from work at the corner of Piedmont and North avenues in downtown. Notice the sign: 501 degrees! Not quite, but it sure as hell feels like it. 103 degrees today and I was running all over town taking photos for the mag. I'm now sitting in my undies with the AC cranked down to 65. Ain't life grand...


jenni said…
LOL! You should send that to a newspaper. Hilarious.
Oh my god! Obviously it is way too hot for technology to continue working.

ditto on the sending it in. I vote for Letterman.
Rachel Mallino said…
Collin, great pic!! It also made me miss Florida, there are no Publix grocery stores here in NC, and I love Publix.
Anonymous said…
Publix...feh! Overpriced and they don't have them in Cali either so Ill stick with Vons.

DeadMule said…
Hi Collin, It's hot here, too. But I still have my clothes on. LOL
maybe they were advertising jeans.

u made me laugh on a bad day. thank u so much baby.

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