American Idol 7 - One Less Cook In The Kitchen

Kristy Lee Cook, finally, rode off into the sunset -- although not on the horse she sold to get to auditions. Apparently, the guy won't sell it back to her. Boo-fuckin-hoo.

With that out of the way, let's talk about the scent of death hanging over the entire show. From Paula Abdul wearing a funeral wreath around her neck and the group sing of One Sweet Day to Elliot Yamin's dead mom (his goodbye written on his palm -- of course) to Mariah Carey's new single about her dead grandma, Bye-Bye. I actually felt sorry for David Cook, who's terminally ill brother was in the audience last night (although I still think his cover of Always Be My Baby was a hot mess).

The group sing was, as usual, a mess. Jason "Janice Muppet" Castro looked stoned (natch) and his falsetto failed him, David Archuleta was wearing another one of those Members Only-looking leather jackets and the end of the song -- with different pairs trying to sing different verses at the same time -- was an epic arrangement disaster.

Then Miss Ryan (via the producers) started the mind games of who was going into the bottom three. He called out Jason, Carly and Syesha and put them all on the left side of the stage and then David Cook, Kristy Lee and Brooke were put on the right. That left Little David back stage to worry (yeah, right) about his fate while Yamin and Carey did their songs and they took more calls from viewers. David Cook is single. Swoon. Not.

Mimi might have been singing about dead people, but she looked like a high class hooker. Does the woman own a dress with sleeves and that falls below her upper thigh? She shamelessly and awkwardly promoted her new album (the only reason she was there), while Randy was ribbed for taking credit for Mariah's career. Yawn.

When Little David was finally brought out and made safe, Ryan told him to pick which side of the stage was safe. That is so cruel. Instead, he sat down in the middle of the stage, while Ryan made Syesha and David Cook switch places. That revealed that Brooke, KFC and Syesha were indeed the bottom three. Carly was so excited not to be in the bottom three she almost threw Ryan across the stage, literally.

Syesha was sent to safety, while Brooke looked like she was about to sob and got angry when Simon was flippant about it being KFC's time to go. Maybe now that Kristy Lee is gone, that bad rancher man will give her that damn horse back.


that horse has been made into glue.
Anne said…
KLC is actually the only one of 'em I like better than I did when the season started. The rest just annoy me more and more, except for Brooke, who I started out really liking and now I'm kind of bored with her. At least KLC showed a sense of humor about the whole thing now and then.

(Which isn't to say I would've gone so far as to vote for her. I don't think I'm likely to care enough to vote for any of 'em at this point.)
I think Mariah's hooker look is cute--she's way more interesting to look at than the KFCs of the world, if ya ask me. But you didn't.

Brooke needs to chill with a few hits of whatever the Muppet's smoking.

Maybe the top three with be a Carly sandwich with 2 Davids.
Collin said…
I actually think the boys have got this locked up. It wouldn't surprise me of Stoner Muppet, Terminator Boy and Mr. Smugs were the top three.

Hey, if Mimi wants to flash the cho-cha to the world that's her bid'ness. She's one glory note and hand gesture away from the world being her gynecologist (thank you, Patsy Stone for that line).
Lisa Allender said…
On fashion, here:
"Members Only" jackets ARE Back, Coll. How do I know this? The Today Show did a short segment on how the 1980's(minus the big hair) are back--neon nail polish(available at Target Stores), and neon pants(yellow jeans at H & M)and--MEMBERS ONLY jackets available, online. They also showed the "fake" jckets(from H & M)and I thought of your poem that discusses "Members Only" jackets as a metaphor for junior-high(what IS the name of that poem?And uh, couldja post it here, for li'l ol'
AI is only interesting, because YOU blog 'bout it.
Maybe Salman Rushdie would be happy to do the honors (as in be her gynecologist...did you see the entry in my blog about him playing one in a film!?)

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