Weekend Report

Another Saturday, another day of feeling exhausted and under the weather. I didn't leave my apartment yesterday, just sat on the couch feeling lethargic and unmotivated to do anything. I made some dinner and returned to the couch. I missed Louise Robertson's reading at Mocha Match, but I literally couldn't get off the couch. 

Today, I slept late and then rushed around to get to an Atlanta Queer Lit Fest meeting that I had forgotten had been moved to next Sunday. I'm standing outside the Ponce de Leon Library with all my crap going..."where the fuck is everyone?"

I managed to get some copies of After the Poison packaged up for folks who have asked for review copies and those are going in the mail tomorrow. There's also a lot of little naggy projects to finish up, like more paperwork for the Poetry Atlanta grant, a manuscript editing project that I cannot seem to focus on and getting the rest of my fall reading schedule lined up. 

And then there's this. Hmmm...


Lisa Allender said…
Zero Hour Press?
Hmmmm.the name works on several levels:
"zero" as in time-less, or late-night
"zero" as in "ground-zero", or the biggest spot of import
"zero" as in "zero-ed out", subtracted from something. I'm sure there are other meanings, but these are the ones that popped into my head. I'm truly curious what this is. When I clicked it on, all I could see was "it's coming..."
If you are attempting to build suspense,Coll,mission accomplished. For real.
Lisa Allender said…
And I surely hope you feel better soon. Good Peppermint Tea works wonders, as does a bit of Green Tea!
mmmmhmmmm ;)
Middle Ditch said…
This made a little depressing reading. Chin up, it's summer
Collin said…
David, it's 100 F in the shade and I hate summer. lol I'm keeping my chin down until autumn returns.
Rachel Mallino said…
Looks like a very cool site, Collin - I'll be interested to see more. I hope you feel better...it's hot as hell here too and does not make for a happy rachel.
Anonymous said…
Hope you feel better soon

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