Help Save Wordsmiths Books

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I have a close relationship with the folks over at Wordsmiths Books in Decatur. Poetry Atlanta has partnered with them for more than a year and owner Zach Steele and marketing/publicity guru Russ Marshalek are friends and my go-to guys when it comes to literary events. Wordsmiths also got me back in the habit of actually buying my books in a brick and mortar store, rather than relying on Amazon. Today, Russ sent an email saying Wordsmiths is in trouble and may close. I nearly lost my shit.

So, basically, I am asking you on Wordsmiths' behalf to make a donation to the store. They have set up a PayPal account on the homepage of their website at Any amount will help. I am also going to help round up some poets and writers for a reading during a fundraising weekend they will have Aug. 15 - 17. More on this soon.

You may live out of state or you may have never been to Wordsmiths, but trust me when I tell you this indie bookstore is worth saving. It's a dying breed and I just cannot stand the idea of this great shop -- which cares so much about local authors, personal attention and digs poetry -- just disappearing. Please, please, please consider making a donation today.


Dude, you're like, Superpoet. Thanks for your work behind the scenes as well as in front of them. Maybe the reason you are creatively stopped up is because you're doing so much for others. Down time in store for you, maybe?

M. RuPere said…
yes, Decatur square without W'smith would sucketh big time - we got booze there, we all kinds of food for sure, but a bookstore is sooo needed . . .
Anonymous said…
Hey, I've been out of touch recently, but I agree that we need to keep Wordsmith's.

I'll contribute, and I'll email some other poets and supposed interested people - may overlap with you but what the heck.

Thanks for doing this.

Sam Gainor, Midtown Atlanta

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