BACK FROM R &R: Hello all. I have returned from a little rest and relaxation in Destin, Florida. One of my best friends has a beautiful home there and we spent the weekend gabbing, eating, watching movies and basically doing absolutely nothing. One of my favorite activities. Shockingly the only hassle was the cancelled flight this morning and the insane amount of security at tiny Fort Walton Beach airport (excuse me, Okaloosa County Regional Airport). Bags opened, shoes off, old women in wheel chairs being searched. This one woman couldn't even light a match, so how they expected her to set of a bomb is beyond me. And the airport is straight out of some third world country. Luckily, Delta loves to fly and they will set you down at any landing strip to turn a buck. God love 'em. At least we know terrorists will not be flying out of Okaloosa Airport...nor any 90 year old women in wheelchairs.

APPEARANCES: It is confirmed that I will be reading at the Callanwolde Coffee House on Wednesday, June 11. The event gets under way with music at 7:30 p.m. and poetry readings begin at 8:15 p.m. There are just 10 of us on the bill, but it hasn't been confirmed who I will be sharing the mic with. Come on out and find out. Callanwolde Fine Arts Center is located on Briarcliff Road.

OFF TO THE PUBLISHER: Yes, Better To Travel should be in the hands of the publisher by this time next week. The manuscript is clocking in at around 80 pages, but will be longer once they shrink it to size and put in table of contents, copyright, etc. The poetry is, after much hand-wringing, in its final running order. I've also pulled out the pieces I will perform with the Jennifer Perry Combo in September. So, a busy summer of proof-reading and rehearsals is coming my way. It's a very exciting time.


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