NEW APPEARANCES:I was asked to read during the 2003 Atlanta Pride Celebration on Sunday, June 29. The event is slated for 2 - 4 p.m. at the gazebo on the lake in Piedmont Park. I'll be reading selections from Better To Travel and probably some of the new poems I've been working on. I always decide what to read just before I walk out the door to go to most of my readings because I want to keep it spontaneous. Sometimes I just grab a handful and then surprise myself at the podium.

I also plan to attend the Peace Poets event on Monday, June 16 at Horizon Theatre in Little Five Points. The event begins at 7:30 p.m. and will be a fundraiser for war victims and their children. A donation of $5 to $20 is requested at the door. A similar Peace Poets event in the spring raised hundreds of dollars. I plan to add my name to the list for the open mic portion of this event. Visit for more details on Pride and Peace Poets.

CALLANWOLDE COFFEE HOUSE:The reading at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center on June 11 was very interesting. An almost capacity crowd filled up the green house performance space, but the majority was there to see a group of young students sing. Of course, once it was time for poetry, just about everyone left. However, we did have about 30 or so hang around. I read two poems from Better To Traveland a new poem called "White Magic" that seems to both piss people off and leave thems stunned. It's about a man stoned to death by his entire village for being a witch in Mexico back in March while the war on Iraq was in full swing. It's become one of my favorites to read just to get a reaction from the audience. I'll be back at Callanwolde again on Wednesday, July 9. Mark it on your calendar. Also, thanks to Jennifer Perry for coming out to listen and meet up about our collaboration this fall.

INTERVALS: On June 10, I attended the first session of Intervals, an evening of poetry that will be held quarterly at Actor's Express in Atlanta. The amazing Cecilia Woloch blew me away with her powerful reading as did the others on the bill. I've been talking to the organizers about performing at a future session with The Jennifer Perry Combo. Fingers crossed.

LISTENING POST: Annie Lennox's new cd Bare is fucking brilliant. She is angry, bitter and sad over the break up with her husband and she unleashes it on this new solo album. As usual, there are a couple of ballads on there that will send you running for the tissue. Get this one. Also listening to something a bit older...Vanessa Daou's Slow To Burn. She had a minor hit back in the states around 1995 with a song called Near The Black Forest from an album called Zipless, which was based on the poetry of Erica Jong. Slow To Burn was her second album and it is just as good...jazz electronica is the only way I can describe it. Her entire catalog has been deleted in the states, but apparently she's still doing well in Europe. Find the import.


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