THE WEBSITE UPDATE: The June update of is complete. There is a new column, new poetry, an update of the appearances and more. Check it out by clicking the link above when you've finished your visit here (or to get back if you found your way from the site in the first place).

ADORING PATRICIA SMITH: One of my favorite poets, Patricia Smith, has done me a great honor. The praise she gave me after hearing me at a reading earlier this year will now grace the back cover of Better To Travel. You'll have to wait until September to see what she said. If you have never heard or read Patricia Smith, she is slam poet champion, has written several beautiful books of poetry (including the amazing Big Towns, Big Talk). She's been controversial, in your face and at the forefront of the new movement in performance poetry. In her own words, she's committed career suicide, but she has also risen like a phoenix from the ashes. She's better and stronger and at the top of her game. Having her name mentioned anywhere near mine is an honor beyond compare. I thank you, Patricia, for your support of my work and your kind words.

MEETING CINDY WILSON: I had the pleasure of meeting Cindy Wilson from the B'52s this evening. We are doing a feature on her for Atlanta Buckhead magazine. She's going solo with her own band for a bit and have started playing gigs around Atlanta and Athens. From what I heard, her new material is fabulous. Cindy welcomed us into her home, was down to earth, gracious and beautiful. The B's have been one of my favorite bands since the 1980s, so it was a thrill to meet one of the people behind the soundtrack to my life.

HEDWIG RULES: Actor's Express in Atlanta is staging Hedwig and The Angry Inch and it is a blast from start to finish. If you're in town and read this, get a ticket and go. Mark Saylers is brilliant as Hedwig.


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