CARIBOU REDUX AND OTHER APOLOGIES: Mea culpa to Clint Sabom and Zack Graves who are indeed hosting an open mic every Tuesday night at the Caribou Coffee in Emory Village. The reading is from 9 to 11 p.m. Clint emailed me yesterday and said there have been between 7 and 12 poets reading each week. I am going to try and make it 8 or 13 soon.

On Sunday, I made it over to Java Monkey, but once I got there I just wasn't up to reading. I said hi to everyone and came home. It was a long holiday weekend and I think I was just tired, but I knew I wasn't in the soul-baring mood. I did see the British film 28 Days Later which was creepy as hell, beautifully filmed and Cillian Murphy (once cleaned up) is easy on the eyes. Also saw Charlie's Angels 2 over the holiday. It was fun, but just WAY over the top. Nice to see Jacklyn Smith back in Angel mode after all these years.

PROOFING: I have been agonizing over the proof of Better To Travel . It had to back to the publisher this week. I think I read it 20 times and made only a handful of corrections, but I was still worried something would slip through. Not to mention, it's hard for someone else to edit your poetry. They don't know your line breaks, your comma use, etc. I finally sent it back last night. I am sighing in relief.


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