WEBSITE UPDATED:July is here and that means an update for the official website at There is a new column, new poetry and an updated list of appearances this fall, including a "warm up" event at the new Barnes & Noble @ Georgia Tech on Friday, Sept. 12. Cruise over to the site and check it all out.

PRIDE A BUST: After hiking a mile on Sunday, June 29 to Piedmont Park for a reading at the Atlanta Pride celebration, only three people showed up: me, the host Robin Kemp, and poor Sandra Rouse from Intervals who had come to hear us both read our work. Not only did I almost have heatstroke, but I was thoroughly pissed at whoever the person was in charge of setting this up. There was no publicity, no signs, zippo. A total waste of the afternoon...and did I mention the heatstroke bit?

HEY LADY:This is my shout out to the great poet called Lady who did one of the best readings I've ever seen at Java Monkey Speaks on Sunday night. She was the featured poet and tore the roof off the joint. I'm also reading (and re-reading) Karen Wurl's brilliant chapbook, In Lieu of Flowers, Jon Amen's Christening The Dancer and Sharon Olds' classic The Dead and The Living.

GREAT TURNOUT:On Saturday, June 28, there was an amazing turnout at the Barnes & Noble in Fayetteville for open mic and to hear guest poet John Amen, who I mentioned above. It was a great evening all around. Thanks to Chante Whitely-Head for organizing this every month. I'll be the guest and host in August.


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